Dear friends,


Welcome to PLATO!

This is the official PLAcement TOol of The Alliance.
Can be used by all Alliance members, associate members, Partners and Guests.

It is to use free of charge in a limited back office edition. However there is also a more advanced version which comes with a Front office version for the benefit of volunteers.

PLATO is currently used by 33 organisations:
ANEC, CBB, Cocat, Concordia France, Concordia UK, De Amicitia, Egyesek, SPW, IBG, IJGD, Grenzenlos, GSM, ICJA, Inex Czech Republic, Inex Slovakia, IWO, JAVVA, MS Denmark, NiG, SVI Spain, VJF, VSS, SIW, VFP USA, VPV Vietnam, VOLTRA, VSA Thailand, WCIA, WeCollab,IBO Italy, GHD and Youth for Smile.

If you want any of those organisations to send volunteers to your projects you need to insert or upload them in PLATO. Free of charge! All you need is a partner from one of the organisations above and we will provide you with a login and a password.

If you discover bugs or have questions or suggestions, please use Alliance brain Coda platform

You have 3 options
1.Bugs report
2.Suggestions for improvements
3.Frequently Asked Questions

For any other reason, please write to

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